Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sony Ericsson ranks second after Nokia

Sony Ericsson is second most profitable mobile phone maker after Nokia

Quarterly statistics compiled by Reuters have shown that Sony Ericsson has now overtaken Motorola to become the second most profitable mobile phone maker in the market.

Nokia continues to head the chart. They are also the world’s largest mobile phone maker. Motorola comes second in terms of market share.

Sony Ericsson joint venture is just around five years old. The company posted a profit of 502 million Euros in the fourth quarter. This was more than both Motorola and Samsung. Both Motorola and Samsung manufacture and sell more mobile phones in comparison.

Strategy Analytics spoke about this report and Sony Ericsson’s performance: “A combination of attractive models and cool sub-brands drove shipments to an all-time high. Strong demand for Sony Ericsson’s Walkman and CyberShot ranges is driving expansion.”

Jyssi Hyoty at FIM in Helsinki added: “This quarter has two winners, Sony Ericsson with high-margin products, and Nokia, with its economies of scale.”

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